Your Councillors

Local Councillors are elected by the community to decide how the council should carry out its various activities. They represent public interest as well as individuals living within the ward in which he or she has been elected to serve a term of office. Councillors have regular contact with the general public through council meetings, telephone calls or surgeries.

Councillors are not paid a salary for their work, but they do receive allowances. All members of the Council are required to complete a register of interests form.

South Somerset District Council is made up of 60 locally elected members - 31 Liberal Democrats, 24 Conservatives and 5 Independents (as of 27 August 2018).

Our Leader and Chairman
Council Leader: Cllr Val Keitch (from 01/09/2018). Deputy Leader: Cllr Jo Roundell Greene.
Council Chairman: Cllr Tony Capozzoli. Vice Chairman: Cllr Mike Best.
Leader of the Opposition (Conservative Party): Cllr Mike Lewis).
Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party: Cllr Martin Wale.
Leader of the Independents: Cllr Dave Bulmer.

To find your councillor please use the links below:
Photograph Councillor Political party Ward
photo of Councillor Jason Baker

Councillor Jason Baker

4 High Street, Chard, Somerset, TA20 1QB

Home: 01460 67323

Home mobile: 07736 310805


Liberal Democrats Chard Holyrood
photo of Councillor Cathy Bakewell

Councillor Cathy Bakewell

Beech Cottage, Rectory Lane, Hardington Mandeville, YEOVIL, BA22 9PG

Home: 01935 862751

Home mobile: 07711 938753


Liberal Democrats Coker
photo of Councillor Marcus Barrett

Councillor Marcus Barrett

Montrose, North Street, Crewkerne, Somerset, TA18 7AL

Home mobile: 07970 627797


Conservative Party Crewkerne
photo of Councillor Mike Beech

Councillor Mike Beech

6 Llys Carys, Cwrt Henri, Carmarthenshire, SA32 8RT

Home: 07926 215 987


Independent Tower
photo of Councillor Mike Best

Councillor Mike Best

Vice Chairman of Council

186 Park View, CREWKERNE, TA18 8JH

Home: 01460 74245


Liberal Democrats Crewkerne
photo of Councillor Neil Bloomfield

Councillor Neil Bloomfield

52 Lavers Oak, Martock, Somerset, TA12 6HG

Home mobile: 07545 951917


Liberal Democrats Martock
photo of Councillor Amanda Broom

Councillor Amanda Broom

14 Langdon Close, Chard, Somerset, TA20 1DP

Home mobile: 07971 109803


Liberal Democrats Chard Combe
photo of Councillor Dave Bulmer

Councillor Dave Bulmer

2 Silver Street, CHARD, TA20 2AY

Home: 01460 67917


Independent Chard Jocelyn
photo of Councillor Hayward Burt

Councillor Hayward Burt

9 Casterbridge Place, Templecombe, Somerset, BA8 0AF

Home mobile: 07543 854391


Conservative Party Blackmoor Vale
photo of Councillor Tony Capozzoli

Councillor Tony Capozzoli

Chairman of Council

5 Church Street, Ilchester, YEOVIL, BA22 8LW

Home: 01935 840011


Independent Ivelchester
photo of Councillor John Clark

Councillor John Clark

10 Summerlands, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 3AL

Home: 01935 425689


Liberal Democrats Yeovil West
photo of Councillor Nick Colbert

Councillor Nick Colbert

Lyndhurst, Burrowfield, BRUTON, BA10 0HH

Home mobile: 07748324508


Conservative Party Wincanton
photo of Councillor Adam Dance

Councillor Adam Dance

19 South Street, South Petherton, Somerset, TA13 3AE

Home mobile: 07767 224213


Liberal Democrats South Petherton
photo of Councillor Gye Dibben

Councillor Gye Dibben

5 Naish Barton, Longlands Lane, East Coker, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 9HQ

Home mobile: 07973 389135


Conservative Party Yeovil Without
photo of Councillor Sarah Dyke

Councillor Sarah Dyke

The Rising Sun, Cucklington, Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 9PY

Home mobile: 07979 535542


Liberal Democrats Milborne Port
photo of Councillor John Field

Councillor John Field

Windy Ridge, Higher Burton, East Coker, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 9LU

Home: 07890 375780


Conservative Party Yeovil South
photo of Councillor Nigel Gage

Councillor Nigel Gage

18 Tarratt Road, YEOVIL, BA20 2LJ

Home: 01935 477085


Conservative Party Yeovil South
photo of Councillor Carol Goodall

Councillor Carol Goodall

2 Eames Orchard, ILMINSTER, TA19 0BZ

Home: 01460 57564


Liberal Democrats Ilminster
photo of Councillor Anna Groskop

Councillor Anna Groskop

12 Bruelands, BRUTON, BA10 0HX

Home: 01749 812520


Conservative Party Bruton
photo of Councillor Peter Gubbins

Councillor Peter Gubbins

1 Holywell Hollow, Halves Lane, East Coker, YEOVIL, BA22 9NG

Home: 01935 862062


Liberal Democrats Yeovil Central
photo of Councillor Henry Hobhouse

Councillor Henry Hobhouse

1 The Courtyard, Cary Road, North Cadbury, YEOVIL, BA22 7DJ

Home: 01963 440272


Liberal Democrats Cary
photo of Councillor Kaysar Hussain

Councillor Kaysar Hussain

12 Roping Road, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 4BD

Home mobile: 07708 836635


Liberal Democrats Yeovil Central
photo of Councillor Val Keitch

Councillor Val Keitch

Leader of Council

1 Heron Way, Ilminster, Somerset, TA19 0BX

Home: 01460 259012


Liberal Democrats Ilminster
photo of Councillor Andy Kendall

Councillor Andy Kendall

41 Coronation Avenue, YEOVIL, BA21 3DZ

Home: 01935 421792


Liberal Democrats Yeovil Central
photo of Councillor Jenny Kenton

Councillor Jenny Kenton

The Old Granary, Ammerham, Winsham, CHARD, TA20 4LB

Home mobile: 07921 574019


Liberal Democrats Chard Crimchard
photo of Councillor Mike Lewis

Councillor Mike Lewis

The Gatehouse, Church Path, Queen Camel, Somerset, BA22 7NX

Home: 01935 851536


Conservative Party Camelot
photo of Councillor Sarah Lindsay

Councillor Sarah Lindsay

21 Elmleigh, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 3UJ

Home: 01935 474112


Conservative Party Brympton
photo of Councillor Mike Lock

Councillor Mike Lock

Poplars Farm, Yeovil Marsh, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 3QN

Home: 01935 474089


Liberal Democrats Yeovil Without
photo of Councillor Tony Lock

Councillor Tony Lock

71 St Michael's Road, YEOVIL, BA21 5AH

Home: 01935 700061


Liberal Democrats Yeovil East
photo of Councillor Paul Maxwell

Councillor Paul Maxwell

Chapel Cottage, Court Mill Lane, Merriott, CREWKERNE, TA16 5NL

Home: 01460 271155


Liberal Democrats Eggwood
photo of Councillor Sam McAllister

Councillor Sam McAllister

12 Hawk Road, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8FA

Home: 01935 324732


Conservative Party Yeovil South
photo of Councillor Graham Middleton

Councillor Graham Middleton

37 Hamdon Close, STOKE SUB HAMDON, TA14 6QN

Work mobile: 07821 779 054

Home mobile: 07821 779054



Conservative Party Martock
photo of Councillor David Norris

Councillor David Norris

62 High Street, Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 9JF

Home: 01963 34535


Conservative Party Northstone
photo of Councillor Graham Oakes

Councillor Graham Oakes

184 St Michael's Avenue, YEOVIL, BA21 4LX

Home mobile: 07904 992491


Liberal Democrats Yeovil Without
photo of Councillor Sue Osborne

Councillor Sue Osborne

Oxenford Farm Cottage, Dowlish Wake, ILMINSTER, TA19 0PP

Home: 01460 57692


Conservative Party Windwhistle
photo of Councillor Tiffany Osborne

Councillor Tiffany Osborne

Morningside, Stoney Lane, Curry Rivel, Langport, Somerset, TA10 0HY

Home mobile: 07876 565546


Conservative Party Curry Rivel
photo of Councillor Stephen Page

Councillor Stephen Page

43 Irving Road, Keinton Mandeville, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6ET

Home mobile: 07519 739137


Liberal Democrats Wessex
photo of Councillor Ric Pallister

Councillor Ric Pallister

6 Barrows Court, Weston Street, East Chinnock, YEOVIL, BA22 9EJ

Home: 01935 863897


Liberal Democrats Parrett
photo of Councillor Clare Paul

Councillor Clare Paul

Tuppence House, Stembridge, Martock, Somerset, TA12 6BP

Work mobile: 07879 423117


Conservative Party Langport & Huish
photo of Councillor Crispin Raikes

Councillor Crispin Raikes

11 St James Street, South Petherton, TA13 5BS

Home mobile: 07968 291588


Liberal Democrats South Petherton
photo of Councillor Wes Read

Councillor Wes Read

Wellcombe House, Ilchester Road, YEOVIL, BA21 3BL

Home mobile: 07971 030005


Liberal Democrats Yeovil West
photo of Councillor David Recardo

Councillor David Recardo

83 Lyde Road, YEOVIL, BA21 5DH

Home: 01935 411099


Liberal Democrats Yeovil East
photo of Councillor Jo Roundell Greene

Councillor Jo Roundell Greene

Fern House, Seaborough Road, Henley, CREWKERNE, TA18 8PJ

Home: 01460 77434



Liberal Democrats St Michael's
photo of Councillor Dean Ruddle

Councillor Dean Ruddle

Freshfields, Cartway Lane, Langport Road,, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6JH

Home mobile: 07976 556054


Independent Wessex
photo of Councillor Sylvia Seal

Councillor Sylvia Seal

18 Ashfield Park, MARTOCK, TA12 6EE

Home: 01935 822879


Liberal Democrats Hamdon
photo of Councillor Gina Seaton

Councillor Gina Seaton

The Hall, 1 High Street, West Coker, YEOVIL, BA22 9AG

Home: 01935 862233


Conservative Party Coker
photo of Councillor Peter Seib

Councillor Peter Seib

11 Forde Park, YEOVIL, BA21 3QP

Home mobile: 07970 194710


Liberal Democrats Brympton
photo of Councillor Garry Shortland

Councillor Garry Shortland

Hillside, Forton Road, Chard, Somerset, TA20 2HS

Home mobile: 07982 591025


Liberal Democrats Chard Avishayes
photo of Councillor Angie Singleton

Councillor Angie Singleton

Flat 4, Christchurch Court, South Street, CREWKERNE, TA18 7HR

Home: 01460 74846


Liberal Democrats Crewkerne
photo of Councillor Alan Smith

Councillor Alan Smith

241 South Street, Crewkerne, TA18 8AE

Home: 01460 77739


Liberal Democrats Yeovil West
photo of Councillor Sue Steele

Councillor Sue Steele

Colliers, Isle Abbotts, TAUNTON, TA3 6RH

Home: 01460 281345


Conservative Party Islemoor
photo of Councillor Rob Stickland

Councillor Rob Stickland

33 Eastville, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 4JD

Home mobile: 07850 264406


Liberal Democrats Yeovil East
photo of Councillor Gerard Tucker

Councillor Gerard Tucker

Langata, High Street, Aller, Langport, TA10 0QN

Home mobile: 07854 379938


Conservative Party Turn Hill
photo of Councillor Andrew Turpin

Councillor Andrew Turpin

Cherith, School Lane, South Chard, CHARD, TA20 2RX

Home: 01460 220691


Independent Tatworth & Forton
photo of Councillor Linda Vijeh

Councillor Linda Vijeh

3 Rectory Court, Vicarage Hill, Combe St Nicholas, CHARD, TA20 3NE

Home mobile: 07971 785069


Conservative Party Neroche
photo of Councillor Martin Wale

Councillor Martin Wale

Foxdon Cottage, Foxdon Hill, Wadeford, CHARD, TA20 3AN

Home: 01460 65190


Conservative Party Blackdown
photo of Councillor William Wallace

Councillor William Wallace

Lemons Ground, Yenston, TEMPLECOMBE, BA8 0NG

Home: 01963 370423


Conservative Party Blackmoor Vale
photo of Councillor Nick Weeks

Councillor Nick Weeks

Lothlorien, Blackworthy Road, CASTLE CARY, BA7 7PH

Home: 07885 347822


Conservative Party Cary
photo of Councillor Colin Winder

Councillor Colin Winder

2 Mill Street, WINCANTON, BA9 9AP

Home: 01963 33462


Conservative Party Wincanton
photo of Councillor Derek Yeomans

Councillor Derek Yeomans

Holly Cottage, High Street, Curry Rivel, LANGPORT, TA10 0EZ

Home: 01458 251549


Conservative Party Burrow Hill