Attendance summary

To view attendance for the current council year please change the start date to 14/05/2015.

Explanation of the statistics columns

The number of meetings that the councillor was expected to attend in their capacity as member of that committee.
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in their capacity as member of that committee.
In attendance
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in a capacity other than committee member, for example a voluntary attendance out of personal interest for a topic being discussed.
Councillor Expected Present In attendance
Councillor Jason Baker16153
Councillor Cathy Bakewell720
Councillor Marcus Barrett910
Councillor Robin Bastable110
Councillor Mike Beech930
Councillor Mike Best14100
Councillor Neil Bloomfield1490
Councillor Amanda Broom930
Councillor Dave Bulmer15131
Councillor Hayward Burt1080
Councillor Tony Capozzoli13130
Councillor Martin Carnell110
Councillor Malcolm Cavill110
Councillor John Clark12120
Councillor Nicola Clark110
Councillor Louise Clarke110
Councillor Nick Colbert11111
Councillor Adam Dance970
Councillor Gye Dibben710
Councillor Sarah Dyke10100
Councillor John Field1180
Councillor Nigel Gage1180
Councillor Karl Gill110
Councillor Carol Goodall1270
Councillor Anna Groskop1290
Councillor David Gubbins110
Councillor Peter Gubbins14101
Councillor Brian Hamilton110
Councillor Mike Hewitson110
Councillor Henry Hobhouse15141
Councillor Ben Hodgson100
Councillor Charlie Hull110
Councillor Kaysar Hussain860
Councillor Val Keitch18158
Councillor Andy Kendall880
Councillor Jenny Kenton1090
Councillor Tim Kerley110
Councillor Mike Lewis1082
Councillor Sarah Lindsay740
Councillor Mike Lock14111
Councillor Pauline Lock110
Councillor Tony Lock17130
Councillor Paul Maxwell11100
Councillor Sam McAllister700
Councillor Kevin Messenger110
Councillor Graham Middleton16140
Councillor David Norris17100
Councillor Tricia O'Brien100
Councillor Graham Oakes850
Councillor Sue Osborne10101
Councillor Tiffany Osborne960
Councillor Stephen Page830
Councillor Robin Pailthorpe110
Councillor Ric Pallister980
Councillor Clare Paul1190
Councillor Crispin Raikes12100
Councillor Wes Read1080
Councillor David Recardo12100
Councillor Jo Roundell Greene14144
Councillor Paul Rowsell110
Councillor Dean Ruddle950
Councillor Sylvia Seal14133
Councillor Gina Seaton882
Councillor Peter Seib1270
Councillor Garry Shortland1050
Councillor Angie Singleton17163
Councillor Alan Smith1370
Councillor Jeny Snell110
Councillor Andy Soughton110
Councillor Mike Stanton110
Councillor Sue Steele12124
Councillor Rob Stickland12100
Councillor Lucy Trimnell110
Councillor Gerard Tucker1470
Councillor Andrew Turpin990
Councillor Anthony Vaughan110
Councillor Linda Vijeh1290
Councillor Martin Wale1770
Councillor William Wallace1080
Councillor Nick Weeks15120
Councillor Colin Winder1891
Councillor Derek Yeomans10101