Outside organisations and committees

Board of Governors for Musgrove Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


The Council (board) of Governors work with the Board of Directors to ensure that the hospital acts in a way that is consistent with its constitution and in the best interest of its patients. The Governors have three distinct roles:

·           Appointments: selecting and appointing the Chair and Non-Executive Directors.

·           Monitoring: informing Monitor if the hospital is at risk of breaching the Terms of Authorisation, and raising concerns if they cannot be resolved at a local level.

·           Representing Members: being the eyes and ears of the local community and communicating with and representing the interests of the members in their constituency.


Contact information

Governor Support Manager
Musgrove Park Hospital

Phone: 01823 342051

Website: http://www.musgroveparkhospital.nhs.uk/about-your-hospital/members-and-governors/

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