Agenda item

Reports to be considered by District Executive on 9 June 2022


Members considered the reports within the District Executive agenda for 9 June 2022 (Informal Consultative Meeting) and raised comments as detailed below. Responses to questions and comments were provided at Scrutiny Committee (Informal Meeting) by the relevant officer.


Millers Garage Car Park, Crewkerne


(Note - At the start of the District Executive meeting on 9 June 2022 - it was announced item 6 - Millers Garage Car Park - was being withdrawn from the agenda.)


·          A member queried if the remuneration to SSDC was a fair value given that the developer would not be able to proceed without this access? Do officers feel this is a fair price?

·          It the scheme goes ahead as detailed in the report, will the same number of parking spaces be created as originally envisaged, albeit in a slightly different location?

·          A local member raised some concerns about if the car parking would ever happen if there are further delays. The community had been promised parking for years. Crewkerne Town Council don't seem to have been consulted. Fear this is delaying something that is wanted due to possibly something that isn't.

·          SSDC have allocated a budget for the car parking, so surprised it's not been delivered.

·          What will stop a developer potentially blocking off access to the car park?

·          A member recalled that when the original planning application for a car park had been considered there had been issues regarding access, as a two-way traffic scheme was not possible at the time. What had changed now?

·          A member asked what assurances there were that a developer would deliver such a scheme if the recommendations in the report are approved? Were there any agreements in place with Wyvern?

·          Members expressed concerns about timescales and associated risks for delivery of the scheme.

·          Some members noted that concerns had been raised previously with the car park application that the access from East Street and exit through Henhayes Car Park would become a rat-run to avoid the town centre.

·          A member expressed concern that the increasing construction costs could become a stumbling factor. If further funding required it could cause additional delays. It was also queried when the current costings had been done?

·          A member queried why the area would be controversial for housing?


District Executive Forward Plan


·          Page 15 - Members queried what the report was about coming forward in July titled 'Discretionary Energy Support Scheme'?

(Prior to the meeting of District Executive the Specialist (Scrutiny & Member Development) provided more information)

Yeovil Refresh Public Realm Change of Scope Request (Urgent Item)

(This report was brought forward as an urgent item under Part 4 of the Council’s Constitution: Access to Information Procedure Rules, Point 15: General Exception, and Point 16: Special Urgency.


This report was received after Scrutiny Committee met on 7 June 2022. Comments and questions raised by members of Scrutiny Committee were therefore submitted by emaill.)


·          What impact will delaying or not continuing with the Wyndham Street part of the scheme have on achieving the overall objectives of the scheme?

·          What form will these ‘other funding sources’ take and how readily available are they?

·          What is the risk that you will need more funds to complete parts 1 - 4 given that costs are escalating so quickly?

·          What steps have been taken to minimise the risk of another contractor failure?

·          What is the likelihood of further funding requests from the other projects and how will this be minimised.?

·          One member expressed deep frustration and concern with the request, but concluded that “the sensible option would seem to be what is suggested and finish as much of the refresh as possible within the current budget and contingency so would support the signing of contracts asap as long as that will stabilise the costs”

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