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Parrett Drainage Board


The Parrett (Internal) Drainage Board is part the Somerset Drainage Boards Consortium. The Consortium manages the operations and affairs of two drainage Boards in Somerset the Axe Brue, and the Parrett.

The Consortium was formed so that the drainage Boards could have access to professional engineering, financial and administrative services. As a larger group the Consortium is able to act and lobby on behalf of all the Boards in the organisation. Individual Boards are still the legal corporate bodies that retain all of the powers and duties that fall to them from the Land Drainage Act as well as the environmental and health and safety legislation.

Contact information

Somerset Drainage Boards Consortium
Bradbury House
33-34 Market Street

Phone: 01278 789906

Fax: 01278 793443

Website: http://www.somnersetdrainageboards.gov.uk

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